Choose your accommodation without visiting it

Patrizio Fortino will move in September to accommodation he has never visited, in a building where he has never set foot. Confinement obliges, he carried out all his procedures remotely. He is sure to have made a wise choice.


“I did a lot of research online and the quality of life offered at the Humaniti complex came to join me,” he says. I have a good idea of the neighborhood where it is located, since I work in the city center. I was able to explore the project virtually, with videos, and see the plans of apartments available on each floor. The concept of vertical community, with a hotel, restaurants, collaborative office space, rental housing and condos is very well explained. It was easy to explore and know what the units and common areas would look like when completed. The rental agent was always available to answer my questions. It’s not like being face to face, but it worked very well.”

Making distance sales is nothing new, notes Tina Dostie, vice-president, sales and marketing, at DevMcGill, who is piloting the Humaniti complex, among other things. “This way of doing things has been applied with us for a long time, whether with investors or university students from other regions,” she says. “But for the Montreal client who buys or rents in the Montreal area, this is new and we are ready.”

Alexandre Lacoursière, one of the four partners at SmartPixel and his spouse Catherine Tremblay demonstrate the effectiveness of virtual tools now available to consumers to help them rent or buy an apartment remotely.

The closure of the sales and rental offices resulted in a rapid change in procedures. Whereas before it was necessary to travel to better understand the intricacies of a project, promoters and builders are actively seeking to improve their presentation at a distance. Those who have already used virtual or interactive technology to provide an immersive experience in their offices, want to go even further, online.

“The competition is fierce,” explains Alexandre Lacoursière, co-founder and vice-president, business development, of the creative agency SmartPixel, which leverages the technology used in the video game industry. The characteristics that lead people to choose one real estate project over another must be highlighted in a less subtle way than usual.

“It’s like speed dating. There is much less time to get to know a project. Content needs to be accessible faster and be close at hand. All information must be given visually.”

In case customers do not know the area, you must specify where the grocery stores, parks, schools are located. You must also answer very specific questions concerning the sunshine on the balconies, the view, the layout of the rooms, etc.

“Entrepreneurs are asking us to gather as much information as possible visually to support their words and make people even more secure,” he reveals.

According to him, in a short time, virtual technology has become a necessity.

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