Real Estate

Draw attention and turn visitors into buyers. The application helps you find the best unit based on search criteria, compare plans, view panoramas, capture ambient light according to time of day, visit and customize interiors, and explore common areas and the project’s surroundings.

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Real Estate

Content management

Real-time content updates through a web interface and connectivity to external databases.

  • Cloud-based content management system synchronization with third party APIs
  • CRM connectivity
  • Centralized inventory management (price, availability, area, unit plans, etc.)
  • Online management of media content (CMS), images, viewpoints, videos, texts, etc.

Real Estate

Search engine

Allows you to highlight one or more units using different search criteria and compare them simultaneously.

  • Availability
  • Budget
  • Area
  • Orientation
  • Custom filters

Real Estate

2D & 3D floor plans

The user can preview the exact location of his units on 3D floor plans, select one or more units, open the plans to compare them and preview a 3D schematic extraction (elevation) of floor plans.

  • 3D floor plans to show the location of selected units
  • 2D floor plan comparison tool
  • 3D views (walls, divisions, partitions and furnishings) of the units
  • Add units to shopping cart

Real Estate

Sun slider

Scroll bar to move the sun to any time of the day or night.

  • Exact sun orientation with respect to the cardinal points
  • Animated clouds, sunrises and sunsets
  • “Blue hour, golden hour” and nighttime scenes
  • Cast lights and shadows
  • Daytime and nighttime urban skyline views (optional)

Real Estate

Panoramic views

Views from unit balconies and/or windows.

  • 3D simulated panoramic view from every window or balcony
  • Sunrise and sunset direction
  • Integration of drone imagery

Real Estate


Showcase the project’s geographic location, the neighbourhood or regional attractions from a bird’s-eye view.

  • 3D positioning of places of interest (commercial offer, restaurants, services, transportation, leisure activities, etc.)
  • Organization and search menu by categories
  • Points of interest factsheets
  • Walking distances between the real estate project to the surrounding attractions

Real Estate


This tool allows an immersive tour of interior space and allows you to customize colours, materials, surfaces or furnishings.

  • Accurate and hyperrealistic real-time renderings
  • Ambient light, materials and textures
  • Interactive customization of several elements (finishes, surfaces, materials, furnishings, etc.)
  • Cost calculator and link to CRM
  • Instant and unlimited image extraction directly from the software
  • Images or personalized video can be emailed

Real Estate

Common areas

Locate and showcase common areas, amenities and services of a project. The tool provides both the general location of these elements and a close-up or immersive view.

  • List and position of all common areas
  • Close-up view of indoor and outdoor equipment
  • Factsheet of the common areas (title, description and pictures)

Real Estate

3D rendering services

As a cost-effective alternative to conventional rendering services, the application allows you to extract an unlimited number of images by shifting the viewing angle of the scene. It is therefore possible to quickly create content for traditional or social media communication campaigns.

  • Unlimited high definition imagery
  • Custom “travelling” and video animations
  • No modelling and set-up costs