A powerful real-time viewing tool highlighting physical infrastructure, facilities, equipment, manufacturing or maintenance processes that can also be used for communications, marketing, training or asset management purposes, etc.

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Centralized content management

Keeping all marketing materials up to date and available to their different business units is an important challenge for worldwide companies that offer a wide range of products and services. Our apps solve this problem, by offering intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to access this material. Administrators can keep all important files up to date by managing their content using our online content management system, which can also connect to any other cloud-based service.

  • Centralized content update
  • Text, images, videos, PDF, data sheets
  • Real-time connectivity and synchronization via internal databases or APIs
  • Global or localized implementation


Interactive simulations

The most effective way to explain how specific procedures are performed and how devices or machines operate in different environments is to illustrate these aspects in their real-life settings, through interactive simulations that provide users with the ability to look at things from different angles and to access additional information or data sheets upon request.

  • Schematic or realistic environments
  • Interactive animations
  • Timelapse
  • Visualization of physical or technical principles (connectivity, temperature, pressure, forces, etc.)


Exploding views

Complex engineering and assembly in devices are often difficult to explain visually. Since our platform is compatible with most 3D file formats used by engineers, we can replicate the contents of sealed devices with great accuracy, allowing users to disassemble the devices and examine how they are built from within. Additional information can also be obtained when selecting parts or materials that are displayed in the exploded view.

  • Product breakdown into components and subcomponents
  • Display of technical data and specifications
  • Effective backward representation
  • Complete 360° analysis of interior parts
  • Additional information available to users when selecting hidden elements