Custom application development tailored to maximize user experience across a wide range of interactions and 3D environments for touch systems or any other platform. Communications, marketing, management or operations interfaces for educational, cultural, tourism, real estate, technology, energy, manufacturing, industrial or general corporate uses.

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Data connectivity

Consolidate technical, marketing or data stream information in a 3D environment for clear and intuitive data visualization. Real-time connectivity to CRM, ERPs, management and operation systems, connected objects (IOTs), security systems, home automation, smart buildings, etc.

  • Updated online content (CMS), texts, images, multimedia
  • Digital twins, virtualisation of information
  • Technical data sheets, informative content
  • “Lead generation”
  • Real-time data visualization, status and analysis
  • Connectivity to any external or local databases or data streams
  • Level management of administrator or user accounts


Multiple devices Experiences

With network connectivity between nearby interactive installations, users can share content from one device to another, delivering stunning and captivating presentations. A document can be launched from a tablet or interactive table and dragged onto a huge video wall. This feature also provides compelling and collaborative user experiences, where a presenter can easily involve his audience and have them actively participate in the presentation.

  • Stunning and captivating presentations
  • Collaborative user experiences
  • For private or large-audience presentations


Interactive tables & tangible objects

Both entertaining and hands-on, the touch screen table provides interaction with tangible objects. By placing and moving objects on the surface, an object recognition system is used to control the interface, display specific content and trigger several actions.

  • Miniature interactive objects trigger specific digital content
  • 3D object printing
  • Dynamic control of the interface based on the nature, orientation and movement of the object


Runtime editor

The content and functionality of the apps can be adjusted independently to fit the situation, providing increased flexibility and adaptability.

  • Split screens
  • Add or remove content or features
  • Interface changes or adjustments (design, menus, buttons, 3D environment)



Our software allows you to take advantage of existing content by opening and interacting with a Web page or an application.

  • Website display (HTML, JavaScript) in pop-up or full-screen windows
  • “App launcher”: Opens “.exe” files in a pop-up or full-screen window.
  • Resizing and typical multi-touch capabilities for any content



Fully customizable, built-in analytical reports can help you achieve a better return on investment. Usage behaviours, selections, time spent and other documented evidence are stored and compiled for reporting.

  • HPIs, Analytics, Statistics, ROI etc.
  • Better marketing strategy management
  • More effective customer analysis
  • Accurate sales forecast planning



SmartPixel can also create non-interactive apps such as management systems and digital signage solutions tailored to a single screen or an entire network. Continuous streaming of information (such as schedules, advertisements, messages, locations and device types).

  • Multimedia content development
  • Management and deployment according to industry standards
  • Real-time updates