SmartPixel offers a turnkey service in the development of interactive digital presentation tools designed to impress and amaze its users. During its ten years in business, the company has developed a unique expertise in a number of areas, including real estate, engineering, tourism, education, transportation, etc. SmartPixel leverages video game technologies by capitalizing on their graphics, interactive strategy and above all, enjoyment, to provide solutions to its clients’ specific needs. SmartPixel employs over 60 staff at its head office in Montréal and its branches in Toronto, Paris and Bogota.


Founded in 2008 by Hadrien Laporte, a graphic designer passionate about cutting-edge technologies, SmartPixel has developed its expertise as an architect of interactive experiences. Initially specialized in the creation of interfaces for large tactile surfaces, the company quickly applied its expertise to the real estate industry. It delivers creative “WOW” solutions showcasing projects through intuitive touch interfaces and hyperrealistic 3D models. SmartPixel has since contributed to the ongoing development of new standards in real estate sales techniques. The company attracts the attention of an extremely diverse clientele and network of partners in today’s world of “serious gaming”. Thanks to the uniqueness of its customized offer, after-sales support, and innovative approach, SmartPixel has established itself as a world leader in the development of 3D applications.

Founded in 2008Founded in 2008
Over 60 employeesOver 60 employees
International reachInternational reach
Over 200 projects deliveredOver 200 projects delivered
Official Unity PartnerOfficial Unity Partner




Mikael G.

R&D Director

Louise A.

Associate Producer

François R.

Head of Production

Julien P.

Associate Producer

Minh D.

Associate Producer

Valentin G.

Audio Visual Technician

Harry M.

Quality Analyst

Kirill D.

3D Artist

Dacio P.

3D Artist

Camille J.

Lead 3D Artist

Alexandre L.

VP of Business Development

Arsenii T.


Brieuc L.

Unity Developper (FrameWork)

Nicolas V.

Technical Artist

Isabelle C.

3D Artist

Philippe B.

3D Artist

Vincent B.

3D Artist

Philippe R.

3D Artist

Hadrien L.

Founder & C.E.O.

Francis D.

Web Programmer

Lukas K.

Talent Management & Marketing Intern

David S.

VP Sales and Marketing

Maxime L.


Evgeny M.

R&D Programmer

Leslie E.

Lead Web Programmer

Tristan C.

R&D Programmer

Alson L.


Valérie D.

Associate Producer

Francis B.

3D Artist

Matthew C.

Key Account Manager

Steve M.

Finance Director

Philippe M.

IT coordinator

Natalia-Paz B.


Michel K.

IT Director

Laurent L.

Lead Programmer

Julian Z.

Business Developer

Donovan O.

Lead Quality Assurance

Caroline L.

3D Artist

Carlos-Andres M.

Assistant Controller

Elodie F.

3D Artist

Dimitri F.

Account Manager

Leon W.

Ontario Account Manager