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Screen Recording Software

  • Game Recording Software Game Recording Software

    Smartpixel is an ideal game recorder because it has been seamlessly integrated with screenshot and D3D video capture mode which compatible with all the PC video games, gamers could easily capture popular PC game videos with this powerful game recording application.

  • Webcam recording software Webcam Recording Software

    Smartpixel can be seen as a HD webcam recording tool for various webcam video capture purpose. The rich video effects and vocal removing, easy lyrics input features of the Karaoke mode let you record your own high quality music videos with a HD webcam and microphone instantly to upload to YouTube. You could be a cyber star with this amazing webcam recording program.

  • video capture software Pic-in-Pic Video Capture Software

    The Picture-In-Picture video capture mode embeds the webcam video into the bottom right of the screen video, it allows user to record the webcam video and microphone audio together with desktop screen simultaniously. It is very practical and convincing for you to make tutorial videos for clients or people on the internet.

  • Screenshot capture software Screenshot Capture Software

    Besides video recording, Smartpixel is also a screenshot capturer for user to capture screen and webcam image manually or automatically with hot keys, it turns your webcam into a digital camera! The captured screenshots can be used to insert in the video clips or to make a photo slide show.

  • video recording software Extreme Performance

    No matter for game recording or webcam capturing, the new patented technology equipped in Smartpixel program brings you extreme fluent video recording performance with less CPU consumption and lower disk usage, it won't affect the game playing experience at all.

  • HD video Recording software Ultra-HD Recording

    Smartpixel offers different video recording quality range from 360P to 1080P ultra HD quality fully based on user requirements, the resolutions, frame rates and brightness can be flexibly customized according to variable situations, which provides user the best video recording experience.

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Easy Video Editing Software

  • free video editing software Easy To Use Video Editing Software

    Smartpixel video editor is an easy to use video editing tool that offers powerful video edit functions as well as rich video effects for editors to crop, trim and merge the video clips. It could help them to turn the raw video footages into high quality, professional masterpieces in just a few minutes!

  • video effects software Special Effects and Subtitles

    There is a rich video effects like pop-ups, filters, scenes, text, frame border,light, pendants and audios embeded in Smartpixel library, user can freely add those effects and subtitles during the video clips editing and photo slide show making. It is much more easier to help editors make their footages and video slide show distinctive from amateur level.

  • easy video editing software Variable Speed Playback

    Sometimes the editor need to change variable speed without loss any quality of the video clips, using Smartpixel video editor, they can insert variable speed playback sections to speed up and slow down the video or music files without changing the pitch of the audio like a true master!

  • free video editing software Dubbing

    Dubbing is the post-production process used in filmmaking, with Smartpixel video editor software editors could also dub themselves to make their video outstanding if they do not satisfy with the background music or audio files. Just imagine how cool it is for you to dub for different actors in the video footage personally!

  • Smartpixel video editor Background Music Arranging

    The background music plays key role in the video editing process. Smartpixel allows editor to insert background musics into the video via the local devices or search online and arrange them in the right way to make their video looks more enjoyable and lovely.

  • easy video editing software Scribble Painting

    Not only walls and papers can be used for scribble painting, you can surely add them into the video by using varies of brushes, sprays, markers with your magic imagination if you are good at it. The video could be even more delightful with your talant expressions. You are way beyond just a video editor!

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